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37 Divorces – May 2015

  1. Lloyd W. and Doris D. Parker

  2. Sidney D. and Tracy L. Haynes

  3. Vibert F. and Suzanne P. Facey

  4. Albert H. and Linda M. Dunn

  5. Samir S. and Tammy R. Sayago

  6. Dustin A. and Alicia M. Walker

  7. Jeffery C. and Raphael S. Nord

  8. Chad and Whitney Gaffney

  9. Christian and Bethany Hughes

  10. Kevin M. and Jennifer E. Surette

  11. Tracy L. and Ann M. Coburn

  12. Corey G. and Darcia M. Brimmer

  13. Robert M. and Connie L. Stahl

  14. Albert and and Bobbie McKnight

  15. Aeklavya and Bella Panjali

  16. David A. Ignacio and Mijin Song

  17. Michael J. and Aimee L. Tyndall

  18. Theodore and Hope Coffie

  19. Evan L. and Angelica Abell

  20. Erica and Jessica Schroder

  21. John C. and Melle C. Poltorak

  22. Daniel L. and Crystal S. Fletcher

  23. Chris A. and Michelle L. Patterson

  24. Lawrence S. and Carol A. Barnes

  25. Jared N. and Jennifer R. McCleese

  26. Kurt E. and Beate Kinzel

  27. Marvin and Tiffani Ousley

  28. Jason J. and Remi Y. Love

  29. Robert J. and Melissa A. Markowski

  30. Jacob J. and Melissa L. Horspool

  31. Blake S. Miano and Bethany McFadden

  32. Eugene Ayers Jr. and Elizabeth Ayers

  33. Kevin R. and Audra L. Brouse

  34. Edward and Evon Dottery

  35. Kyle and Meghan Shinagawa

  36. Caleb and Jessica Haines

  37. Justin C. Fitzpatrick and Karla Reece Fitzpatrick


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