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10 Ways You Might Be Over-Cleaning Your House

Young woman making bed at home. She is in pajamas. Doing her morning routine.

Bed sheets

If you wash your sheets just for the clean smell, go ahead and wash them every week or two, says Maeve Richmond, founder and coach of organizing company Maeve’s Method. But if you don’t mind a more lived-in bed, throwing linens in the wash just once a month should do the trick. Washing too much can wear out the fabric and fade the colors, Richmond says. If you haven’t been sweating much, you might not need to rush your sheets into the laundry. “Winter months are a time when we can swap bed linens out less frequently, mostly because our bodies are cooler, so our linens aren’t absorbing as much sweat,” Richmond says. By the way, this is the easiest way to fold a fitted sheet.

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Fabric couches

Spraying cleaner straight onto your couch will leave you with a soaked area to clean up. Instead, …read more

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