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7 Myths About How Coffee Affects Your Health

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Coffee health myths

Enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning or afternoon is a ritual many people look forward to. But some of the news and myths about coffee and your health might make you think twice about a second cup. We spoke with registered dietitians and nutrition experts to answer all the most common questions you might have about the risks and potential health benefits of coffee. Read on to learn more about coffee while sipping on your cup of Joe.

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Will I get dehydrated from drinking coffee?

This is the biggest coffee myth, experts agree. When British researchers studied the body fluid levels of 50 men, they were the same whether the men drank coffee or water for hydration. “We tell people to drink eight 8-oz cups of fluid per day, and we always thought you couldn’t include coffee,” says registered dietitian Halle Saperstein, of Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital in Michigan. “But now …read more

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