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7 Self-Checkout Secrets Grocery Store Clerks Wish You Knew

Little girl is at the self service checkout of the supermarket with her father.

Want to master the self-checkout? Here’s how.

Self-checkout machines reduce the number of cashiers needed in a grocery store, but they still require an attendant to watch over customers. If you’ve ever found yourself being rescued from time to time because you did something the machine didn’t like, then keep on reading to learn how to sail out of the grocery store without having to call over the attendant. They’ll thank you for it.

Are you making any of these grocery store faux pas?

Reusable canvas grocery bag with red and yellow tomatoes and spinach.

Press the “I brought my own bags” button.

Reusable bags are a great thing. Please continue to use them when you shop. But be aware of the procedures for using them at the self-checkout. Most machines have an “I brought my own bag” button that you should push before placing them in the bagging area. Otherwise, it thinks you aren’t paying for certain items and an attendant needs to verify that you’re not shoplifting.

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