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8 Mistakes People Make When Dining in a Large Group

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Skipping the Reservation

Unexpected large parties are one of the things restaurant hosts secretly dislike. Making a reservation for a large group lets the restaurant prepare for the rush a big table can bring. It also ensures that you won’t be disappointed if they’re having a busy night. Keep the restaurant posted if the size of your party changes significantly.

Three women are sitting at a table in a health cafe. They are eating organic, vegan meals while talking and laughing.

Showing up at Different Times

It can be hard to control the comings and goings of a big group, but having everybody show up on time makes things a lot less complicated for your server. It also should improve the quality of the service you get. While this is one rule we think all restaurant-goers should follow, there are certainly a few dining etiquette rules no one follows any more.

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