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8 Thanksgiving Leftovers You Can Store in the Freezer and 3 You Can’t

Fruit-Glazed Roast Turkey

Freeze: Turkey Meat

Good news: turkey meat is definitely freeze-able. You’ll need to remove the meat from the bones first. Slicing the meat will also help it to defrost evenly. You can eat the turkey with gravy as usual, but leftover turkey is quite versatile: it makes a great filling for casseroles, tacos and sandwiches. Get more ideas for turkey leftovers,

How long to freeze: up to two months

Pro tip: Pour a bit of gravy over the meat before freezing; it’ll add moisture.

Turkey carcass in roasting pan

Freeze: Turkey Carcass

Don’t just toss the picked-over bones and carcass: they’ll make a delicious, savory stock. If you can’t make stock within a couple days after cooking the turkey, freeze the carcass. Seal in a heavy duty freezer bag.

How long to freeze: Up to two months

Pro tip: You can use the same method as you would for chicken stock.

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