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Are the rich more important than others?

pRich Americans have gotten richer. Look at what fortunes are needed to be on the Forbes 400. At least $1 billion./ppThe heads of businesses also now earn much more than they once did. Other professions have followed. And although tens of millions of Americans make many multiples less, it has not stopped this huge disparity from growing./ppOur college rolls have increased dramatically, yet business says the many jobs it has cannot be filled because Americans lack the skills needed. Who’s at fault? The colleges, business or the government for failing to communicate these needs? Those who are secure with their assets and incomes care only if it gives them less./ppRich does not only mean income but assets. How many people rent, not own, their homes? Will most homes be owned by the rich some day?/ppIf our mean income is between $35,000 and $40,000, who are the rich here? And do they make this money because others having similar jobs elsewhere do or are so important to deserve such?/ppDo the wealthy who live outside of Watertown do so to avoid being close to people of lower status? Or pay less in taxes? Or both?/ppIsn’t it time we ask if those who …read more

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