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Beloved S’mores Oreos Are Back For First Time Since 2016

Smores Oreo

You’d think Oreo would eventually run out of flavors, but they keep cranking them out, this time releasing four new flavors, along with an old favorite.

The new lineup consists of Marshmallow Moon, Maple Creme, Latte Creme Thins and Baskin-Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip. Coming along for the ride will be the return of the beloved S’mores flavor.

Mint Oreo

As far of the S’mores Oreo, arguably one of its top 5 all-time flavors, it is already in stores for the first time since 2015. Unfortunately, it will not be around for too long, is it will continue to be a limited edition flavor, so get your hands on it while you can.

Marshmallow moon Oreos

The purple marshmallow creme-filled Marshmallow Moon cookies will be in celebration of the Apollo moon landing’s 50th anniversary. The surface of the cookies will have spacey designs, along with a glow in the dark package, for those who like eating their Oreos with the lights off. The mid-June release will roll out around the …read more

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