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Bravo’s Andy Cohen visits Capitol to press for legalized surrogacy

ALBANY — In a day filled with “Real Housewives” references, two LGBTQ rights bills on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s end-of-session priority list passed the state Senate Tuesday and were delivered to the Assembly.

Bravo TV host Andy Cohen joined the governor and Senate Democrats at the Capitol to advocate for a measure legalizing paid surrogacy and another eliminating the so-called “gay panic” defense, which has shielded alleged perpetrators of crimes who claim their offenses were committed in reaction to learning of someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

Cohen is gay and conceived his son through a surrogate in California. He shared his experience with surrogacy and said he was shocked to learn that New York is one of just three states that prohibits the practice.

“I come to New York from the Midwest so that I could be free to live my life, but I have to go to California to have a child. It seems absurd,” Cohen said.

New York law voids paid-surrogacy contracts and criminalizes both the parties, forcing gay people and those who have difficulty conceiving to find surrogates in other states, which poses additional expenses and legal complications.

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