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Canton business brings Gothic creations out of the “Darque”

pCANTON — If it doesn’t exist, make it./ppThat is the DIY — do it yourself — attitude of Darque Crystal founders Jason Shirtz, 37, and his fiancé, Taylor Martin, 24./ppThe small start-up business, founded in January 2018 and launched the following May, specializes in Goth/alternative/counterculture fashion, selling out of the local craft and vendor fairs, farmers markets, the SUNY Potsdam Student Union and online through Etsy. /ppNamed as a play on “the fact that the people in the Goth subculture pretentiously spell ‘dark’ that way,” Ms. Martin said somehow versions of the name just kept combing back to them. /ppSitting at a table in Herring Cole Hall on the St. Lawrence University campus one particularly blustery afternoon, the couple seemed to be pulled from the pages of a Gothic novel, surrounded by the shimmering light that created prisms in the stained glass as the wind howled outside./ppMs. Martin, her hands folded on the table in front of her in lace fingerless gloves the couple made, wore garments in blacks and purples and black lipstick, to go with her jet-black hair and a choker with a bat dangling from it around her neck. Mr. Shirtz, in a pale blue buttton-up …read more

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