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‘Captain Marvel’ takes diehard Marvel fans on high-flying adventure

It’s no secret that Marvel Studios has been on quite the winning streak since it was purchased by Disney. But despite some backlash from angry fans online, Marvel continues to make quality films — and “Captain Marvel,” the studio’s latest entry, is no exception.

Powered by fantastic lead performances and a mostly light-hearted tone, the film succeeds by leaning into the heart and humor that has made Marvel the landmark studio it is today.

“Captain Marvel” centers around Carol Danvers, a member of the Kree race, who experiences amnesia after an accident. The Krees are at war with a supposed terrorist race, the Skrulls. While preventing the Skrulls from gaining new information about their source of power, Danvers — known by her Kree name, Vers — crashes onto Earth. With the help of a young Nick Fury, she learns about her past and discovers the potential of her powers.

Right off the bat, the film is given a boost by its two top-billed stars. Brie Larson is fantastic as the title character, giving Danvers an infectious bolt of energy more powerful than the lightning that Captain Marvel shoots from her arms. Samuel L. Jackson is, once again, fantastic as Fury. He is one …read more

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