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A happy retirement is more than just money

The key to achieving an active, satisfying and happy retirement involves more than having adequate savings. It also entails interesting leisure activities, creative pursuits and mental and physical well-being. …read more Thank you Source: Personal Finance – CNN

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More investors stock up on non-traditional bonds and strategies

A search for yield has led to greater popularity of alternative approaches in bond investing. Yet they may be less popular among financial advisors due to lack of awareness, lack of promotion and amount of research needed to use them ...

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This is how your employer can botch up your taxes

Imagine filing your Form 1040 with the IRS and then finding out you need to submit an amended return because your company sent you inaccurate earnings and tax data. It happens. Here’s how to deal. …read more Thank you Source: ...

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That college scholarship may actually be subject to income tax

Few people would expect to face a tax bite on a scholarship, yet there are situations in which that might be the case. Here’s what you should know. …read more Thank you Source: Personal Finance – CNN

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