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Nutritional psychiatry: can you eat yourself happier?

‘What we stick in our mouths matters to our mental health,’ says a leading light in this new field. So what should we be eating? Felice Jacka’s work showing that junk food shrinks the brain was motivated by personal experience. ...

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Len & Alex Deighton’s Spanish Cookstrips: Crema Catalana

Len: People argue whether the Spanish or the French invented this dish.Alex: They’re missing the point. Both versions are delicious. Make food, not war. Len Deighton is the author of the Action Cookbook and French Cooking for Men (HarperCollins) Continue ...

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Rachel Roddy’s recipe for creme caramel

A proper creme caramel should be ‘like sinking into a comfortable chair’ While the creme caramel at Trattoria Da Cesare al Casaletto may be the best in Rome (so good that an Arab princess once offered to fly Leonardo, the ...

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Chimera Strain

Opens Friday, Mar 15, 2019 Movie Details Play Trailers …read more Thank you Source: Top 10 New Movies

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