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Anna Jones’ summer salad recipes | The Modern Cook

Two herby summer salads: a party of sweetcorn and tomatoes, with chewy-crisp croutons, and a lentil salad that will put a riot of colours on your table This week, two recipes for when you want to spend very little time ...

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Plant-based milk the choice for almost 25% of Britons now

Sales surge of 70% for oat alternative in 2018 alongside falling demand for cow’s milk Almost a quarter of Britons are consuming plant-based milk alternatives as the popularity of vegan and vegetarian diets continues to grow. While demand for traditional ...

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Switzerland’s wine festival – in pictures

The Swiss town of Vevey has staged a once-in-a-generation celebration of its winemakers, with fancy dress, alpine horns, cows and dancers kicking off a festival that dates back to the 18th century. The three-week Fête des Vignerons, which began in ...

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Cheers! How to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew

We’ve all been there – a nice bottle of wine and a pesky cork in the way. But not to worry, from the mighty sword to the humble shoe, there’s a way to pop it out Coleen Rooney has been ...

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Drink your salad: the rise of the savoury smoothie

We’ve been putting veg in our smoothies for ages – but then sweetening them with fruits and milks. Now, on the back of the sugar-free movement, it’s time to go fully green Propelled by the sugar-free movement, it’s time to ...

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Raising the steaks: how to have a fancy barbecue

Tired of guests taking you for granted while you slave over a hot grill? Try your hand at marinated goat, deconstructed ratatouille or boozy poultry There is a lot to be said for barbecues, including smell, taste, poignant memories of ...

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