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The Feathered Nest, Oxfordshire: ’faultless, but can I leave now?’ – restaurant review | Grace Dent

Perfect produce, great flavours … so why the glum face? En route to The Feathered Nest in Nether Westcote, Oxfordshire, I remembered that the cool thing to say about the Cotswolds is that they are awful. A bucolic establishment bolthole ...

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Is the hunt for a white chocolate Creme Egg making Britain’s kids obese?

Cadbury’s Easter promotion has been criticised for encouraging children to eat hundreds of chocolates – and then there’s the row over their attempt to get kids active Name: The Creme Egg hunt. Age: The season starts in January and runs ...

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Pilchard and pickled onion pizza isn’t junk food | Brief letters

Pizza nutrition | Obituaries v the news | Non-circular walks with a car | Breakup songs What has pizza done to deserve being listed as “junk” food? (Eat better, feel better, G2, 18 March). It’s a dough made with olive ...

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How to cook the perfect Colcannon | Felicity Cloake

St Patrick’s Day should not be the only excuse to make this incredibly comforting dish of buttery mash and greens – here’s how to make colcannon perfectly Colcannon, like Irish stew, is one of those dishes so synonymous with the ...

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Len & Alex Deighton’s Spanish Cookstrips: Crema Catalana

Len: People argue whether the Spanish or the French invented this dish.Alex: They’re missing the point. Both versions are delicious. Make food, not war. Len Deighton is the author of the Action Cookbook and French Cooking for Men (HarperCollins) Continue ...

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Nutritional psychiatry: can you eat yourself happier?

‘What we stick in our mouths matters to our mental health,’ says a leading light in this new field. So what should we be eating? Felice Jacka’s work showing that junk food shrinks the brain was motivated by personal experience. ...

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