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30 Unbelievably Easy Thanksgiving Desserts

Freezer Pumpkin Pie This freezer pumpkin pie is a cool twist on tradition. Gingersnaps and pecans form the delicious baked crust for the pumpkin and ice cream filling. —Vera Reid, Laramie, Wyoming …read more Source:: Recipes

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60 Super Easy Thanksgiving Appetizers

Pumpkin Cheese Ball No one will guess that this make-ahead pumpkin cheese ball has pumpkin in it, but that subtle ingredient lends harvest color and added nutrition. —Linnea Rein, Topeka, Kansas …read more Source:: Recipes

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Thanksgiving Wine Pairings, Dish by Dish

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, so now is a fantastic time to start thinking about wine pairings for the feast. With a wealth of dishes and flavors gracing the table, be sure to offer your guests a nice selection of wines. ...

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An Argument for a Kids’ Table at Thanksgiving

Growing up in my family, Thanksgiving was a grand event, full of big Irish personalities. My family would shift furniture between the kitchen and living room to create a long, makeshift table to accommodate the lovingly opinionated and boisterous crowd. ...

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