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Children’s Day at Carthage Farmers Market provides life lessons

pCARTHAGE — Lessons abounded during Children’s Day June 7 at Carthage Farmers Market. About 230 Carthage Elementary students along with children from child care descended on the market. Mother Nature cooperated so the students had a nice walk from the Beaver Lane school to the market on Riverside Drive. /ppThe teachers said the market visit taught many lessons./pp“We talk about how the vendors are local and the importance of buying local,” said first-grade teacher Erica Bartholomew, “We also talked about safety while walking here.”/pp“We are learning about coins and bills,” said Bobbi Bolton, a second-grade teacher./pp“This let them practice and they learned the value of a dollar.”/ppVendor Charlotte Everett of Cheri’s Gardens gave a lesson in counting change, giving students, who could recognize a nickel and count out 10 pennies, the coins./ppAlexander Beebee said his fourth-grade classes have come to the market every year./pp“There’s great conversations about the work that goes into making or growing the items,” he said. /ppHis students were limited to $3./pp“It teaches them to spend their money wisely,” said Mr. Beebee./ppOne of his students, A.J. Price, not only spent his money wisely, he learned about his purchase and practiced what he has learned about talking to …read more

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