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City attorney resolves Watertown Golf Club woes

WATERTOWN — Members of the Watertown Golf Club can continue to park on city-owned parkland at Thompson Park — at least for now.

But they’ll have to share the overflow parking area near the golf clubhouse with other park-goers.

After nearly an hour of sometimes heated debate, the City Council voted 4-1 Tuesday to put up public parking signs at the overflow parking area, so that it makes it legal for club members and other park users to park there.

Councilman Cody J. Horbacz cast the only no vote. He advocated that club members continued “to trespass on city-owned land.”

In recent weeks, the parking situation became a political hot potato and a campaign issue in the four-way mayoral race.

Council members have been faced with criticism from developer P.J. Simao, who owns Ives Hill Country Club, about the city allowing the golf club to encroach on city-owned parkland not covered by its lease with the city, including the overflow parking lot.

Then, earlier in the day, golf club owner Michael E. Lundy threatened to sue if the city decided that club members would no longer be allowed to park in that overflow parking area.

That left council members feeling like they were stuck in the middle, …read more

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