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Couples yoga creates a deeper connection within partners

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, O Yoga Studio hosted a special holiday couples yoga event on Feb. 7 and will continue to host events throughout the week.

Cynthia Powers-Broccoli, a registered yoga teacher, said that the goal of the couples yoga class was to highlight appreciation for the divine feminine, one’s expression of femininity and its nurturing energy.

Despite yoga being her full-time profession now, it was initially her way to destress from the mental exhaustion of working in major metropolises.

After graduating from Boston College in the 1990s, Powers-Broccoli relocated to New York City, where she was hired in a bank. During this period in her life, she observed that other women had difficulty balancing the stresses of work life and the home life.

“They were pulled in a million different directions, you know, they wanted to be at home with their kids, but they also had great careers and they wanted to be hardworking there,” Powers-Broccoli said. “And what was left for their partners was exhaustion, instead of the female warm, nurturing, loving essence.”

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