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Drop Everything—Carrot Cake Oreos Are Already Here!

Carrot Cake

In case you haven’t yet gotten your fill of quirky Oreo flavors yet—like Rocky Road and Strawberry Shortcake—the brand’s latest creation is not a disappointing one. You can now buy Carrot Cake Oreos!

The carrot cake-flavored Oreos, which were released on January 4, have conveniently arrived in more than enough time to enjoy for Easter.

What Do Carrot Cake Oreos Taste Like?

Oreo is no stranger to playing with our taste buds, but the Carrot Cake Oreos are already richer than other flavors that we’ve tried (and we eat more Oreos than we’d like to admit). The reason? The Oreo as a whole is broken up into two parts. First, there’s the cookie wafers that taste like actual carrot cake. Then, there’s the creme, which is not the traditional vanilla, but instead, cream cheese frosting-flavored. Love!

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The Story Behind the Flavor

Carrot Cake Oreos are a dream come true for Oreo lovers everywhere, thanks to 2018’s My Oreo Creation Contest. The contest, which asked fans to suggest new Oreo ideas via the hashtag #MyOreoCreation, brought the carrot cake flavor idea to light.

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