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Essex County urges outsiders to stay away

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The Essex County Board of Supervisors had a message for second home owners and visitors to the Adirondacks on Tuesday: Stay away.

Shaun Gillilland, chairman of the board, said the county is seeing a number of visitors using short-term rentals like Airbnb and Vrbo. Second home owners are also flocking upstate as they seek refuge from the increasing numbers of positive coronavirus cases.

With four already confirmed cases of coronavirus in Essex County, home of Lake Placid’s tourism attractions, Gillilland warned would-be travelers of the worst.

“Essex County is an extremely rural county with only 38,000 residents,” Gillilland wrote in a news release. “We have few hospitals and those that we do have are not capable of handling an increased number of patients.”

Gillilland added that the county has no tests to see if someone has coronavirus. He worried about the strain additional people could have on local grocery stores.

“As a vaccine does not exist, we have no capacity to test, our hospitals are small and incapable of handling additional influx and our …read more

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