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For sustainable change, all campus stakeholders must be involved

Dear Editor,

This period of racist, xenophobic and anti-Semitic flashpoints has engulfed the campus and threatens to eclipse the university’s reputation as an enlightened American institution. For many minority group members, these spectacular and public displays of hate go hand in hand with daily experiences of intrinsic hostility from those who fear the unknown and only cherish their familiar. The physical, mental and emotional fatigue of experiencing these traumas is debilitating.

It may be reassuring to think that actions taken by Chancellor Syverud could quickly and effectively mitigate the current climate of prejudice and put an end to these hateful acts. Although as a campus community we rightly need reassurance, we should resist the temptation of the single action bias, which assumes that we can rely on a single action, and in this case, a single person, to respond to threats. If this single action contributes to reducing the threat, then it leads people to assume that sufficient action has been taken, and thus, no other action is necessary. This approach is dangerous. While it may potentially contribute to change in the short-term, it ultimately results in a loss of interest in addressing entrenched underlying issues. Heightened emotions calm and we desperately …read more

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