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Grad shocked by lack of response by chancellor to racism on campus

Dear Editor,

As a Syracuse alumna, I am very shocked and saddened by the recent hate crimes that have happened on campus. If I was a current student and living on campus right now, I can’t begin to imagine how I would feel. Knowing so many students, staff and faculty members who are family members and friends on campus currently and hearing their firsthand accounts of the attacks and assaults is deeply affecting me.

I am, however, more shocked at the university’s response, or lack thereof, to these events. Where are the mental health counselors that should be available for students who feel attacked and violated? I am very worried for the future of the campus as none of these events have been properly dealt with. My wish for the leader of an incredible university such as Syracuse University would be one who is an empathetic person, who provides help and support for all students, not one who merely sweeps hate crimes under the rug. What has Chancellor Syverud done to face these hate crimes head on? Why are classes not cancelled? Why are students sleeping in student centers with professors who are helping them cope through these saddening and hateful incidents? …read more

Thank you Source: Daily Orange

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