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How the COVID crisis revealed Cuomo’s strengths, flaws

ALBANY – Shortly before Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo sat down with local officials in Savannah, Ga., in mid-July to offer advice on combating the coronavirus, he met briefly with the city’s mayor, Van Johnson.

Johnson, a Brooklyn native, lamented that he wasn’t able to see his mother, who still lives in New York City. Cuomo had recently announced a quarantine order for visitors traveling from states with high infection rates, Georgia included.

“Well, she can come see you — but if you’re going to see her, then you’re going to have to quarantine,” Cuomo explained.

“Do you mind telling her that?” Johnson said.

So they called her up. “She said that they loved and appreciated the governor for what he was doing and how he had protected New York,” Johnson recalled. “And he basically said, ‘You know, this is going to keep everybody safe.'”

Cuomo had brought Johnson a cheesecake from Junior’s — famous Brooklyn fare — alongside personal protective equipment and medical supplies. The trip had been quickly organized; the governor’s team had reached out to their Savannah counterparts on a Friday to set up the Monday visit.

“We’re just excited that we have the partnership,” Johnson …read more

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