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How to Clean a Dutch Oven the Right Way

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When it comes to classic cooking tools, you can’t get much more old-school than the Dutch oven. Everyone’s favorite pot may look simple from the outside—but it’s actually a kitchen game-changer. The Dutch oven can do it all: braise meat, bake bread, deep-fry chicken and make deliciously flavorful soups and stews. With proper care, a Dutch oven will last you a lifetime, says Malia Call, a culinary instructor based in Utah, “I will pass my Dutch oven on to my kids, and they can pass it on to future generations.” Cleaning your Dutch oven the right way will ensure you’re cooking up flavorful Dutch oven recipes (like these!) for many years to come.

How to Clean a Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Bare cast iron Dutch ovens don’t have a protective finish, and should be cleaned just like your cast iron skillet (a process which requires a little more effort than cleaning your other pans). Here’s how to clean an uncoated cast iron Dutch oven:

Step 1: Wash by Hand

Use a small amount of mild dish soap and a soft sponge to gently wash off any leftover food bits. Make sure that you’re not …read more

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