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How to Clean a Refrigerator and Keep It Clean

Your refrigerator may be the most important appliance in the kitchen. It certainly has a critical job, keeping the food you eat fresh and bacteria-free. Regular cleanings help on both counts. Find out how to do the job right, and how to keep your fridge clean, too, so you can go longer between deep-cleans.

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How To Clean Your Fridge

Step One: Empty out the refrigerator completely. Toss spoiled, smelly or expired items as you go. Have a cooler ready to hold highly perishable foods (e.g., milk or raw fish), and set the rest in an out-of-the-way spot.

Step Two: Detach all removable refrigerator drawers and shelves. Carefully set them aside while you ready a sinkful of soapy water. Wait to soak the shelves and drawers until they’ve come to room temperature, so the warm water doesn’t cause them to crack.

Step Three: Wipe the fridge interior with a non-toxic, food-safe solution of mild dish soap and water using a soft cloth, sponge or scrubby pad. To remove tough stains or serious smells, scrub with a paste made of baking soda and water. Clean crumbs and debris from the rubber door seal with an …read more

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