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How to Host a Wine Tasting—Even When You’re Staying In

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While staying in, many of us are thinking of creative ways to connect with our friends. Some folks are doing digital game nights, virtual book clubs and online trivia. I’ve been connecting with my pals with regular happy hours, and we’ve been having a lot of fun showing off our cocktail game. We’ve also been enjoying sipping on our favorite wines.

Sure, opening a bottle of what you have at home works just fine, but sampling the same sips can make you feel more connected when you can’t visit in person. That’s where virtual wine tastings come in. These online meetups let you chat with your BFF while trying a rosé you’ve both been eyeing. Here’s how you host a wine tasting with your pals online.

Choose Your Wines

The first step of any tasting is to select the wines you’d like to try. There are lots of routes to take with this one!

  • Have each taster pick a wine: This is a good way to ensure that everyone will get to sample something they’ll enjoy.
  • Try a selection of one type of wine: If you’re all Merlot lovers, try three of them. Love a good bubbly? Try a few champagnes. Going in-depth …read more

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