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How to Know If Your Pet Has Food Poisoning

If you’ve ever had food poisoning, you know it’s quite literally a gut-wrenching experience. It’s something you never want to experience again and certainly wouldn’t want your beloved furbaby to suffer either. It’s essential to know the foods that are dangerous—including these seasonal summer foods—and sometimes life-threatening so you can get your dog the medical help he needs.

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Food poisoning signs

Dogs often experience the same kind of symptoms people do when they get food poisoning. While some types of food poisoning run their course and improve on their own, others are more serious and even deadly. The only way to truly know if your dog needs medical attention is to call your vet. “If you suspect your pet may have ingested something potentially toxic—food, plant or otherwise, it’s imperative to get them examined by a veterinarian right away,” says David Dilmore, DVM, Banfield Pet Hospital in Denver, Colorado. Early intervention help prevents serious complications such as kidney or liver failure or even death. Whether you actually see your dog eat something suspicious or not, call your vet right away if you …read more

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