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How to Pickle Safely

Favorite Bread & Butter Pickles

Nothing says summer like spending the afternoon canning fresh produce from your garden. It’s a great way to use up extra vegetables and add a bold, tangy flavor to boot. We like pickled green tomato relish on a loaded avocado BLT or pickled bell peppers over honey mustard brats.

How Does Pickling Work?

Pickling is a preservation method that uses an acidic liquid like vinegar to store produce at room temperature.

While we can’t get enough of our favorite pickled recipes, pickling comes with some risks. We’re breaking down the possible dangers—and how to stay safe.

Is Pickling Dangerous?

When your pickles are placed in enough vinegar and the jar is properly sealed, they should be safe to eat. The trouble comes when the canning process isn’t performed correctly. If any of the canning steps aren’t followed exactly, your new creation could become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria like botulism.

Botulism is a poison that comes from soil and can grow on food. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), botulism is rare but many of the cases can be traced back to at-home canning and preserving.

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