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Human Foods That Are Actually Good for Your Dog

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Fruits your dog can eat

Human food dogs can eat include many fruits. Most dog owners know that grapes and raisins can make their dog sick, but they don’t know which fruits are actually beneficial. If one fruit is toxic to your dog, you may fear that all fruits are poisonous. Luckily, that’s not the case. “Fruit can be a nutritious and tasty treat for your dog,” says Kelly Ryan, DVM, Director of Veterinary Services for the Animal Medical Center of Mid-America. So what human food can dogs eat? Here are your dog’s best options.

These are the summer foods you shouldn’t share with your dog.

woman cutting watermelon into pieces on a wooden board


“It is a health-food powerhouse, low in calories and packed with nutrients—vitamins A, B6 and C and potassium,” according to The American Kennel Club. Watermelon is also a great snack to give your dog on a hot day, as it is mostly water. Pro tip: Freeze some watermelon cubes …read more

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