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I used VR in a car going 90mph and didn’t get sick

VR headsets make me queasy. I’m not alone. It’s a common complaint about virtual reality content but this startup might have solved the problem in the most unlikely way. Holoride wants people to use VR in the backseat of the family sedan.

My stomach is happy to report it works as advertised.

Yesterday, after strapping on an Oculus Go, I was flung around a race track outside of Las Vegas at speeds approaching 90 mph and I didn’t get sick. In fact, after the ride was completed, I was shocked to find out we were going faster than 35 mph. Holoride’s system was entertaining and distracting. It removed me from the ride and placed me in a space battle with Iron Man and Rocket.

After the demo I was left with just one thought: The future of in-vehicle entertainment could be virtual reality.

Here’s how it worked.

After sitting down in the back of Audi’s new electric SUV, the e-tron, a company representative fitted me with an Oculus Go headset that was wired to the car. I was handed a remote and told to follow along.

Marvel’s Rocket appeared as my instructor. He said I was to help him and …read more

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