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Kohl’s and Aldi Are Teaming up for Better Shopping

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could stop by Kohl’s to pick up new shoes or socks, then swing past the grocery department for eggs and milk moments later? It’s not a dream: Kohl’s and Aldi are teaming up to make your shopping a whole lot easier for busy people (psst… these grocery tips can make shopping easier, too!).

How Will Kohl’s Make This Happen?

Those familiar with the Kohl’s of yesteryear might remember that the store once did sell groceries, though phased those stores out to focus on the department store part of the business. But with anything, what’s old is new!

In recent years, the company’s stores have been shrinking their footprints to focus on efficiency. Left with this extra space, Kohl’s needed someone to fill it. The company came up with a pretty brilliant solution: Buddy up with a partner in the grocery business. They would lease the extra space, just like that bank or Starbucks inside your current grocery …read more

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