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Luxury student apartments can hurt Syracuse community

Even though Syracuse University is now learning from home, students are still putting together their housing plans for the coming academic year. Over the past few years, a variety of luxury student housing complexes have sprouted up near campus, offering students a more comfortable alternative to the larger, older houses that dominate the student housing market. These student apartment complexes divert important resources and attention from the surrounding neighborhood that needs help.

Developments such as Theory Syracuse, The Marshall and The 505 on Walnut offer a plush living experience to college students, with gyms, private shuttles, shopping centers and various other amenities. Housing developments like these have become omnipresent in the neighborhood surrounding SU, specifically targeting students and catering toward their preferences. The city has financially backed these developments as well, providing tax incentives and subsidies to developers. Just blocks away from these luxury apartments are public housing complexes, many of them run down and substandard.

“We have a crisis in this city. A crisis of affordable housing. A crisis of substandard housing. So, there’s dire urgency to address issues of housing in the community, and this is where the attention is going,” said Gretchen Purser, an associate professor of …read more

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