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North Carolina’s Pickle Festival Is a Big Dill for Pickle Lovers

Dill Pickle Hamburger Pizza

Do you find ways to incorporate pickles into any meal? Do you create your own pickles out of any vegetable you can get your hands on? Have you ever eaten Dill Pickle potato chips? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then you might need to book a trip to Mt. Olive, North Carolina for the annual North Carolina Pickle Festival.

What Is the North Carolina Pickle Festival?

The township of Mount Olive is home to Mt. Olive Pickle Company. Yep—it’s the same Mt. Olive brand that performed so well in our pickle taste test. To honor the beloved company’s success, the town holds a giant celebration every year where hundreds and hundreds of pickle lovers come together to relish all things pickle-related.

Mt. Olive is the most famous food brand in North Carolina. Find your state’s most iconic label.

What Kind of Dill-ightful Events Can We Expect?

The North Carolina Pickle Festival turns average festival fun into pickle-y goodness. There’s a pickle train. A pickle inspired art contest. A pickle-packing production challenge. A pickle derby. People can also prove their love for pickles by entering a Pickle Eating Contest, where they will eat as …read more

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