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NY changes criteria for clearing people with coronavirus


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ALBANY — As New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo continues highlighting the accelerating surge in the number confirmed cases of coronavirus, the number — 26,665 confirmed cases on Tuesday — apparently included cases in which individuals have recovered and, in some instances, may have returned to normal activities after a period of quarantine.

State Department of Health officials did not immediately say whether they are tracking the number of resolved cases. A spokesman for the Centers for Disease Control, which sets the reporting criteria, did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Wednesday.

Late Tuesday, the state Health Department informed counties it is changing the criteria for determining if someone is no longer infected or a danger to others.

Under the former system, it required someone to have no symptoms for 14 days and two negative tests for coronavirus 24 hours apart.

The Health Department has now instructed health departments that the criteria to clear a person is to determine they have been symptom-free at least seven after …read more

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