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Ogdensburg couple in Italy describe COVID-19 lockdown

PUTIGNANO, ITALY (WWNY) – A couple from Ogdensburg is in Italy, a country that’s in lockdown because of COVID-19.

Virginia and Nicholas Serio are in southern Italy, where they live for a few months of the year.

Since March 8, the entire country has been in lockdown. Italy has the world’s second highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases – more than 74,000. Hospitals are overwhelmed.

While the Ogdensburg couple is allowed to go for walks within short distances from their home, they can’t leave town and the only places open are grocery stores and pharmacies.

“When you go through the grocery store, there certainly is raised anxiety. Everyone has a deer in the headlights look,” said Nicholas.

They say only one family member is allowed to go to the store and you have to wait your turn to come inside.

“There’s yellow and black tape on the ground so that you don’t stand next to another person, you abide by the 1 meter rule and you take a number like you do at a deli counter and the police will call your number,” said Virginia.

When your number is called, they say you have to sanitize your hands and put on gloves before entering.

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