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Outdoor ice coming to an end for this winter season in Massena

MASSENA — The days of outdoor ice for this winter season are coming to a close in Massena.

Recreation Director Michael McCabe said the shacks are already closed, and the ice is soon to follow with a forecast of higher temperatures in the coming days.

The latest weather forecast calls for a high of 40 degrees today, 46 degrees on Thursday and 53 degrees on Friday before heading into the 30s for the following days.

“We did flood on Thursday last week. Looking at the weather forecast, it’s probably the last day we’ll flood,” Mr. McCabe said.

He said he checked Monday night and, while there was still ice, it was “very bubbly. It’s not the best to skate on.”

However, the ice in the Massena Arena is still going strong, he said. Recent tournaments included the Italian Affair Tournament, the three-day Firehouse Cup that featured six teams and the three-day Northeast Broomball Tournament that featured nine teams, including some from as far away as New Jersey, Ottawa and Syracuse.

Organizers of the Firehouse Cup and Northeast Broomball Tournament already want to book their ice for next year so they can start planning and promoting it, Mr. McCabe said.

Mr. McCabe is also running a house league …read more

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