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Report shows Hudson Valley facing home care workforce shortage

ALBANY – Despite a soaring demand for home health care over fears of staying in congregate facilities due to the pandemic, 5,100 home health aides in the Hudson Valley leave the job each year because of low pay and inadequate benefits, a report unveiled this week found.

Home health care workers and advocates say the sector is the fastest growing workforce in the Hudson Valley and could serve to boost an economy devastated by the ramifications of responding to COVID-19, but efforts must be made to improve working conditions and make the industry a quality career path.

“Now New York needs to rapidly expand and invest in our home care workforce to meet the growing needs of our aging population, keep New Yorkers safe during COVID-19, and reinvigorate our economy,” said Ilana Berger, co-director of the New York Caring Majority. “Home care workers are essential as our population ages and in the midst of a public health crisis — allowing those who are aging, ill, or immuno-compromised to live safely and out of nursing homes. It’s time to fix our strained long-term care system — and end the massive home care shortage crisis.”

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