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Science must determine state’s energy needs

pThe Adirondack Park Agency is considering a renewable energy policy — and it’s good that it’s interested in our electrical energy options./ppOur use of reliable, low-cost energy is arguably not only the main reason for our success as a democratic country, it’s also the foundation for U.S. citizens enjoying one of the most diverse, flexible, comfortable, healthy and safe lifestyles in the world. Unfortunately, most citizens are oblivious of the extreme significance of energy as we take it for granted./ppDespite what you’ve heard and seen, every energy option available has pros and cons. How do we accurately assess these? This is where science saves the day./ppScience is another matter that citizens respect but few people really understand. To keep it simple, a true scientific assessment is comprehensive, objective, transparent and empirical./ppScience exists to give us answers to our technical problems. What our energy choices should be is a technical problem./ppCorrectly used, real science will define which of the several electrical energy options available is in our best interest. But that is not what the state is doing./ppInstead, this is a lobbyist-driven issue. Almost everything citizens read and hear about energy originated from lobbyists. They are promoting a political agenda, carefully …read more

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