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St. Lawrence County legislators outline priorities for state lawmakers

pCANTON — St. Lawrence County legislators Monday night approved a 2019 wish list for state lawmakers that includes asking the state to cover the escalating cost of providing attorneys in Family Court for low-income people./ppSince 2016, the county Legislature has recommended a state legislative agenda that identifies items they want state lawmakers to revise or create in order to benefit the county./ppCounty Administrator Ruth A. Doyle said asking the state to assume the costs of indigent expenses related to Family Court follows the state’s decision to cover indigent defense expenses in criminal court./pp“As you’re well aware, the criminal side is now in negotiation for state funding to be provided over the next five years,” she told county lawmakers during their Operations Committee meeting./ppThe county spent $2.2 million over the past five years providing legal representation in Family Court, Mrs. Doyle said. Last year alone the cost was $639,280. /ppDuring the five-year period from 2009 to 2013, the county spent an average of $214,696 a year providing representation in Family Court. The next five years, between 2014 and 2019, those average annual costs more than doubled to $447,923./pp“As you can see, this is an important initiative to bring to the state …read more

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