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State employees charged for parking while working from home

ALBANY – Despite thousands of state employees working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, New York continues to collect parking permit fees from workers.

Each year, New York collects roughly $7 million from about 13,000 state employees for parking, with the payments ranging from $15 to $30 garnished bi-weekly from workers’ paychecks. The rate is higher for those who park in garage lots.

Interviews with multiple state workers confirmed the state has continued to collect the bi-weekly payments despite nearly 30 percent of state employees working remotely over the last few months.

“Yup. They take (about $15) a paycheck out of me, and I haven’t been there since March 17,” an employee in one agency confirmed. “And if you cancel and we get called back to work, you go back to the bottom of the list and have to reapply for your lot based upon seniority.”

The state Office of General Services operates 30 combined parking garages and lots scattered throughout downtown Albany – from the behemoth Empire State Plaza parking garage to a surface lot on Broadway in Menands, just outside the city.

While an employee’s preference for a lot is considered, an employee’s length of service plays …read more

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