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Syracuse activists protest police brutality after forceful arrest


About 100 members of the Syracuse community gathered outside City Hall on Wednesday night as part of a silent protest against police brutality. The protest comes five days after the forceful arrest of Shaolin Moore on Friday night by a city police officer.

A viral video shows an officer, identified in court papers as Christopher Buske, threatening to spray Moore with pepper spray unless he exits the vehicle. Buske then grabs Moore by the neck before pulling him from the car, striking him in the head with a closed fist. Moore is then held on the ground by several officers.

Moore was charged with resisting arrest and a sound reproduction violation — playing music too loudly. Syracuse Police Department Chief Kenton Buckner has said the officers involved in the arrest remain on duty but are under investigation.

Nitch Jones, a local activist, said the protest was silent because people aren’t angry.

“We’re not angry. We’re hurt that this has happened inside of our city,” he said in an interview after the protest.

Yaschia Kinsey, another organizer, said she was disturbed by the video, as well as the way cops are portrayed as victims during police brutality incidents. She …read more

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