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Syracuse Athletics draws record $99.8 million in revenue

Syracuse Athletics registered its third straight year of record setting revenues, drawing $99.8 million in 2018-19. After taking over as SU’s Director of Athletics in July 2016, John Wildhack has overseen three consecutive years of increased revenue.

The public data, first reported on by Syracuse.com, is released online annually in accordance with the Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act. All higher education institutions that participate in a federal student aid program are required to submit revenues and expense reports. Along with rising revenues, SU recorded an increase in expenses from the previous year in 2018-19 — from $77.1 million to $82.9 million. It reported the 11th most expenses in the Atlantic Coast Conference, almost $120 million behind conference leader Florida State.

The “financial reports each department files with the NCAA are far superior” to the information made available from Equity in Athletics Data Analysis, according to Forbes’ Kristi Dosh. This is because of restrictions on filing with significant surplus or losses and varying reporting techniques. But, as SU is a private institution, the EADA report offers a rare opportunity to examine the athletic revenue and expenses.

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