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Syverud, SU administration cannot honestly work against racism

Dear Editor,

I am in full solidarity with #NotAgainSU and am deeply grateful for all the students leading these actions. Like other members of THE General Body wrote to The D.O. five years ago at the sit-in, we saw much of this same disingenuous, incompetent and intentionally vicious behavior on the part of the Syverud-led SU administration.

We experienced a Chancellor Syverud who was primarily missing in action, monitoring the protests from his shiny castle, allowing — or perhaps ordering — the Department of Public Safety, who claim to have students’ safety at heart, to intimidate student protestors, force us to take down signs, restricting our access to food and our freedom of movement. DPS sent in armed people to scare us, others to watch us, pen us in further and threaten us with all manner of things related to our standing in the school, changing the “rules” on us on a daily, or even hourly, basis. All of this was intentional.

We saw some two-faced administrators who pretended to be “on our side” only to sell us out. We saw the administration try to divide us up, to meet with us only in small groups rather than with everyone involved.

We marched to …read more

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