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Temple Concord comes to terms with selling century-old home


About two months after they agreed to the building’s demise, hundreds of congregants shuffled into the front entrance of the Temple Society of Concord for Rosh Hashanah.

The elderly took their walkers to the wooden pews leading up to the bima. Children headed to a back door for the children’s service. Rabbi Daniel Fellman stood on the bima and looked out at hundreds of members that came to the historic temple on the corner of Madison Street and University Avenue.

It was one of the last times the room would be filled.

“On this day we are called to look ahead, to embrace the new and keep it as we preserve the old,” Fellman told the congregation. “This day we see the two: old and new.”

The Temple Society of Concord, 108 years old, will likely be converted into luxury student apartments in less than a year. The congregation accepted the developer’s offer to buy the synagogue for $9 million.

Now, the temple is littered with questions. Columns line the main entryway leading to Temple Concord. Will they be preserved? The pews are more outdated than most modern temples. Would they be destroyed? The congregation had gathered here for more than a century. Where will …read more

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