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This $10 Product Is the Secret to Level Layer Cakes

Majestic Pecan Cake

Who doesn’t love a showstopping layer cake? It’s the ultimate special occasion treat. However, there’s one hiccup that even pro bakers encounter again and again when they bake up the individual layers: the cakes are domed. Now, domed cakes aren’t a bad thing—definitely not something to categorized among the most common pitfalls—but they can make stacking cakes difficult. Sure, you can trim them, but that requires a steady hand or fancy cake trimming tools. Essentially, trimming cakes can be a pain.

But our Test Kitchen relies on an inexpensive product to prevent domed cakes (and the chop that comes with them) from happening in the first place: cake strips.

What Are Cake Strips and How Do They Work?

Cake strips, sometimes called cake pan wraps, are thick fabric strips that you soak and wrap around your pans to create more level cakes. They’re also part of our Test Kitchen’s list of essential cake-baking gear.

Damp fabric seems like an odd solution to domed and cracked cakes, but it’s all scientific. See, when you bake a cake, normally, the outside of the pan gets hotter more quickly and the cake around the edges bakes faster. That means that outer edges are done …read more

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