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This Is Our Favorite Lychee Martini Recipe

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Love martinis but finding yourself wanting to go beyond the classic recipe? If you’re craving something more exotic in your go-to tipple, it’s time you discover the lychee martini. This drink puts a tropical spin on the cocktail classic—making it perfect for unwinding in the evenings or serving at your next tiki party.

Whether you’re a cocktail newbie or a home bartending pro, this simple lychee martini recipe is easy to master (just like these other mixed drinks).

What is lychee?

Never heard of lychee? They’re mouthwatering tropical fruits from Southeast Asia. Lychees have an exquisite perfumed aroma and a fairly unique flavor. They taste a bit like a cross between tart grape, pear and a dash of rose water. They’re sweet but with a hint of tartness that makes them perfect for cocktails.

How do you prepare lychee?

Fresh lychees are easy to peel. Start by removing the skin. Then, make a cut in the flesh of the fruit and squeeze out the pit. Now you’re ready to make some lychee martini magic!

I’m a fan of fresh lychees for this recipe, but alas, they aren’t always …read more

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