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University Senate LGBTQ committee supports #NotAgainSU

Dear Editor,

We, the members of the LGBTQA Committee for Justice and Advocacy, express our support for and solidarity with the students of #NotAgainSU and other vulnerable, marginalized, and targeted groups at Syracuse University — including but not limited to Black, indigenous, Asian, Muslim, Jewish, international, and Latinx community members. Many members of these constituencies are also part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

The events that began in November and that have gained public notoriety are not isolated incidents. Many queer and trans folks, particularly Black and people of color and disabled individuals, can attest to this and to ongoing microaggressions within the university. They stem from underlying issues that manifest in curriculum, in the social life of the school, and in administrative agenda-setting.

These incidents are only the latest, exacerbated by the national political climate, and are part of the history of the university. While it might seem like the real work is just beginning, we acknowledge that marginalized students and other folks have been doing this work for a long time. Our members commit to supporting students in action as we work to change the institution to make it inclusive and welcoming to all not just in word, but in practice.

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