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What Is Graffiti Eggplant? Here’s How to Cook It.

Contest-Winning Eggplant Parmesan

Growing up, an eggplant was an eggplant: large, purple and kind of bitter if you didn’t cook it right. Today, there are dozens of different types at the farmers market stalls. You’ll find long and narrow Japanese eggplant, round purple Indian varieties and tiny little green ones that look like they’re not ripe at all. It might feel a bit overwhelming, but don’t let it stop you from picking up a few of those purple-and-white striped graffiti eggplant. Luckily, cooking them is barely a challenge at all!

What is graffiti eggplant?

These eggplants may be unusual in color, but they cook up very similarly to the Italian eggplants you’ve been working with your whole life. Although they’re slightly smaller and have a tear-drop shape, you can drop them into any recipe that calls for regular eggplant. They take well to grilling, sauteeing, braising, frying or stewing (learn the differences between those methods with this guide). Just make sure to pick up an extra one, because you’ll need about two to equal one large eggplant.

What makes these eggplants stand out is their vibrant color and smooth, shiny skin. Be sure to take your Insta photos with your raw ingredients, though, …read more

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