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When everything’s not awesome, but friends make it better

pI loved “The Lego Movie,” and I liked “The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part.” That about covers it./ppThe first one enjoyed the advantage of surprise. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, writers-directors of genuine wit and bouncing-atom invention, created such a natural flow for their 2014 joke barrage, and such a high-velocity rhythm for the action scenes, the results zoomed straight past 95 percent of recent animated feature filmmaking./ppIn Emmet, the chipper construction worker voiced by Chris Pratt, they had the perfect grounding wire. And there was that awesomely insidious song, “Everything is Awesome,” celebrating brain-rotting conformist groupthink with a smile./ppEmmet’s sense of self-worth is tested, severely, in “Lego Movie 2.”/ppThe innocent-looking Lego Duplo characters introduced at the end of the first movie turn into invading space aliens in the sequel. Under siege, the town has morphed into “Apocalypseburg,” two roads down and to the right of “Mad Max: Thunder Road.”/ppThis scorched-earth plot development reflects the uneasy alliance of the film’s live-action characters, who pop in and out “Lego Movie 2.” Brother Finn (Jaden Sand, five years and a voice change later) and his sister, Bianca (Brooklynn Prince of “The Florida Project”). The kids must learn to collaborate and enjoy …read more

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