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Where would you eat if you didn’t have long to live?

A seriously ill reader asked for my restaurant recommendations. I posted them on Twitter and it brought out the best in everyone

Every week I receive emails requesting restaurant recommendations. There are significant birthdays that need marking, cantankerous relatives who need placating. I try but don’t always manage to answer them all. The one I received at the end of May demanded an answer. Hugh Paton wanted my top 10 places in the UK; not gastro palaces offering experiences that would stay with him for the rest of his life, because it turned out there wasn’t much of his life left. He had recently been given a terminal cancer diagnosis and was no longer in the business of creating memories. As he put it: “Going and eating a few decent meals strikes me as one good way to spend some of my remaining time.”

I wrote him a list: the ramshackle Company Shed for bare-bones seafood on the Essex coast; the vivid, live-fire cooking of Traköl on the Gateshead side of the Tyne; the Game Bird at the Stafford Hotel in London for a bit of old-school British classicism, and so on. Because people like lists, …read more

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